Introduction to Complex and Hotel
Amir Kabir Tourism and Entertainment Complex:
Amir Kabir Tourism and Entertainment Complex was constructed with joint venture of Iran Industries Development and Renovation Organization and Ayandesaz Retirement Protection Fund, with all buildings of complex in a plot of land with area of 73 hectares in eastern Arak Industrial Estate. At the present time, amusement park and Amir Kabir 5-Star Hotel were established and utilized in this complex with financial support of Ayandesaz Retirement Protection Fund, and this complex will be one of the greatest and most attractive tourism centers by constructing and completing other projects under design and construction including Baharan Residential Complex, Conference Hall, Four-Season Ski, Air Ropeway, Rotary Restaurant, Arak International Commerce Complex, and many various shopping centers.
One of the considerable specifications of this complex is natural attractions including landscape in 15 hectares among a hill with height of 200 m in the southwestern site, and also very nice and unique design of Amir Kabir Hotel as a symbol of modern architecture with very considerable execution of Iranian art, which change it to a real museum, as a factor for attracting domestic and foreign tourists in Amir Kabir Tourism and Entertainment Complex.

Amir Kabir 5-Star Hotel:
Amir Kabir 5-Star Hotel was established in July 2005, constructed in the hill of Arak heights, in Amir Kabir Tourism and Entertainment Complex, in a plot of land with area of 25 hectares, in a comfortable place, seeming in the form of a deck. Main building of this hotel includes 10,000 m2, in 7 floors with 75 rooms (single, double, triple beds, single and double bed suites.