Arya Hotels Group
In November 2005, a chain of good and excellent hotels was established and started up with the purpose of improvement and promotion of service indices, finding special fields and situations, revival of current capacities and potentials in this section, and activation of unlimited cultural and tourism attractions. These ten hotels (Isfahan Aseman Hotel, Yazd Moshir Almolk Hotel, Izadshahr Narenjestan Hotel, Kish Shayegan Hotel, Shiraz Pars Hotel, Tabriz International Hotel, Rasht Kadous Hotel, Mashhad Pardisan Hotel, Qom International Hotel, and Arak Amir Kabir Hotel) have the considerable specifications with extensive and various facilities for local and foreign guests and tourists, in different climatic, local and natural diversity all over the dear Iran.
Therefore, the first general network was inaugurated in private sector for offering services and facilities in a specialized and equipped form in the field of hotel and tourism management. As a member of this chain, passengers and tourists will use the special services such as low expenses, discount, and special facilities, fast and easy booking, optimized and concentrated services.