Quality Strategy
Food Quality & Safety Strategy:
Amir Kabir Tourism and Entertainment Complex, enjoying good accommodation, reception and sport facilities of 5-star hotel in a memorial place, tries to present the services with upmost quality in order to fulfill the needs and expectations and increase the further satisfaction of guests and other beneficiaries.
To meet these goals, Complex undertakes the following aspects:
  • Regular attempts for guests welfare
  • Cooking and offering healthy, safe and hygienic foods
  • Regular improvement of complex processes and development of services in order to fulfill the guests’ requirements and expectations
  • Developing and improving human resources and attracting their consent in a good space suitable for activity, education and fields of their cooperation
  • Observing the foodstuff safety and hygienic laws and regulations
Our foodstuff safety and quality management system is based on standard ISO9001 (version 2008), ISO22000 (version 2005), HACCP system (codex version 2002) and also the observation of national and international laws and regulations, and the results of consent of all beneficiaries especially the guests will be a reward for this organization.
This management is responsible for enacting quality management system and ensuring the understanding, reception and execution by all personnel and also revising the quality strategy and goals. In this case, all personnel undertake quality of their functions by performing duties accurately in the form of current processes of organization.
Representative of management is responsible for establishment, annual execution, preservation and revision of this system, who directly reports to managing director.