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Amir Kabir Recreational Tourism Complex Company with the cooperation and collaboration of Iran Industries Development and Modernization Organization and   in 1367 and the necessary financial resources for the implementation of this collection have been provided by receiving financial facilities from the Future Support and Retirement Fund.
The company was established in 1367 under the name Laleh Park and Amusement Park Company (private joint stock). In 2012, the company’s name was changed from Laleh Park and Amusement Park Company (private joint stock) to Amir Kabir Leisure Tourism Complex Company (private joint stock).
The facilities and features of this tourist and entertainment complex can be the goal of a trip to Arak city alone. Amirkabir Hotel with its different architecture will definitely charm you from the moment you arrive. The special design of the spaces with a combination of traditional and modern architecture brings a pleasant feeling to the guests. Amirkabir Hotel was opened in July 2014 on the slopes of the heights of Arak city in Amirkabir tourist and entertainment complex on a land of 25 hectares in a peaceful and pleasant environment in the shape of a ship deck. The main building of this hotel with an area of ​​about 10,000 square meters has 75 rooms on 7 floors including single, double, triple and one and two bedroom suites. This hotel responds to different needs and tastes with its various restaurants. Golbaran restaurant is located on the upper floor. Bamdadan restaurant is suitable for business and friendly meetings. Pardisan restaurant on the lower floors is a cozy place to relieve fatigue; The mountain canteen has a traditional atmosphere and the water and fire restaurant with a combination of fountains and fire has a calm and pleasant environment.  تElar Koh Noor and Khayyam Amphitheater are suitable for holding ceremonies and events. Everything is ready for a fun and happy rest. Lale amusement park, cycling track, gamenet, numerous business centers and many other facilities and services, all of which make up the huge complex of Amirkabir. Amirkabir Arak Hotel has three different types of suites in addition to regular rooms.All these things show the horizon of vision that hotel managers have had in attracting business travelers. Travelers who go to Arak for business and work, and an extremely comfortable and carefree stay with the best possible quality is their most important desire, and they will not have a better choice than Amirkabir Hotel. We remind you that when we talk about a five-star hotel, it is meaningless to talk about the cleanliness and quality of the services, and it comes down to the special comfort facilities that the hotel provides for its guests. . Well, it must be said that Amirkabir Hotel has many amenities: tennis court, indoor swimming pool and sauna, gym, skating rink, soccer field, bicycle track, etc. are some of the notable facilities of this hotel. Also, Amirkabir Arak Hotel is not far from the airport and Arak sightseeing places such as Hammam museum, bazaar or Sepehdar school, but it is very close to the passenger terminal. Apart from all these things, the gathering of industrial towns, petrochemicals and many companies and factories in the central province has caused this province to host many business guests from all over Iran and the world. In addition, being close to the Arak International Exhibition is one of the other advantages of this hotel. Five-star Amirkabir Hotel, with its luxury and five-star services, deserves the right to host your special guests.

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